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Sat, 24 Nov 2007

Tweaked the "blox" plugin ...

... so now it creates <br /> tags instead of <br>. I'm using the following as a test:

a line
another line
a third line

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Changing the date (etc.) of a file

Well, that was easy ... "touch -t 200711131100 filename" will change the date of this file to 2007 (year), 11 (month), 13 (day), 11 (hours), 00 (minutes). So, after correcting it, the relevant post goes back to where it came from. Nice to have shell access!

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Blosxom and W3C standards

I managed to tweak a few of my Blosxom files so that this blog is now "virtually" free of errors - it "almost" validates as XHTML 1.0 Transitional! I learned that the "blox" plugin, which automatically inserts <p> and <br> tags so you don't have to type them all the time, doesn't work properly when a paragraph starts with a tag (e.g. an <a href= ...>) and inserts <br> tags instead of (XHTML-compliant) <br /> ones. Also, it's best to escape characters like &.

When I corrected some of my posts and put them on the server again, of course they ended up on top of the stack - were posted with today's date. That's not what I want. So now I'm looking for a way to manipulate file dates on the server.

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New homepage

I rewrote the index.html of my website from scratch. No more picture (of an onion which looks like a pig ...) but a portal: links to my web pages, both on site and elsewhere, plus the inevitable link to Tor. (I got the idea for the look and structure of the new homepage here.)

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