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Fri, 11 Jan 2008

Brought from Germany

"Vita activa", by Hannah Arendt; "Katechismus der katholischen Kirche (Kompendium)". "Vom Wasser", by John von Düffel. A Dumont travel guide to Sicily and a Michelin map. "Schemelli-Gesang-Buch", by Bach, and "Deutsche Arien", by Händel (texts by Brockes). Also, I subscribed (again) to c't, the computer and electronics magazine.

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Nautilus as FTP client

Although I like to use command-line tools, I've taken to uploading stuff to the web using Nautilus, the Gnome file manager. Copy and Paste (or even Drag and Drop) makes it very comfortable to use, and it has SFTP support.

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Adopt a dog?

How about adopting a dog, or maybe fostering one? HKDR and SPCA seem good places to start; both organisations offer plenty of useful information on their websites, as does the relevant department of the HK government. Fostering a dog just might be the perfect thing to do: we could help a dog that needs extra care, and we aren't quite sure about how long we'll stay in HK.

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