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Fri, 14 Mar 2008

Latest Snort on an ancient box

I installed Snort on my old laptop, finally got registered as a user, downloaded and installed up-to-date Snort rules. Now running Snort doesn't bind any resources on the computer I'm using every day and everyone on my network can feel safe from those evil hackers - although this set-up probably won't help reduce our electricity bills.

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SuSE update

After more than 3 months (109 days, to be precise) I took my old Toshiba laptop and booted it. What a nice box ... Trying to update SuSE 10, I ran into a problem with some file signature. I was puzzled before I realised that the date displayed on the screen was some time in 2000. Apparently the buffer battery had died since I had last used the computer (the regular battery wasn't in place). As a result, Yast had communicated to the server that it had last been updated minus two thousand and something days ago.

Correcting the date and time settings did the trick. Nice to know that SuSE 10 is still being maintained, and that my ancient box (six or seven years old?) is still up to date.

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