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Fri, 18 Jul 2008

HTML headers and PHP

That was easy ... Months ago I played around with PHP and coded an RSS feed for my photo galleries. Everything looked fine but Google Reader just wouldn't let me subscribe to the feed. I wondered why and somehow got the idea that it might have something to do with headers.

Turns out I was right. Today, when I read Binny VA's post, "Rules for Creating an RSS Feed", I realised that PHP has a function to send headers. It's called, er, header.

So I looked it up in the PHP manual ("header - Send a raw HTTP header") and then had another look (using wget) at both my photo feed and a feed which I knew to be technically OK. This still didn't give me a clue. However, I found a line in my feed which I had commented out - for what reason totally beats me - and which started "header" ... Deleting the 2 commenting-out slashes and uploading the file again was all that was necessary to make the feed acceptable to Google Reader.


(The feed for my photo galleries is here.)

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