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Mon, 11 Aug 2008

Upgrading to Wordpress 2.6 and K2 RC 7 (2)

It would have been so nice if I had just needed to go to the "K2 Options" in the blog admin (under "Design") and select my stylesheet under the "Style" heading. Hmm ... Doing this did give me back my colours, fonts etc., but not my arrangement of "widgets" (i.e. recent entries, blogroll, archives, categories ...) in the columns to the left and right of the main column. Apparently I need to put everything into place again manually, using the "K2 Sidebar Manager". Which is very slow and does strange things sometimes. Well, I guess that's not too bad for a major upgrade of both Wordpress and K2, and obviously I'm willing to pay a price for using this great theme.

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Upgrading to Wordpress 2.6 and K2 RC 7

Nothing very remarkable here - I was surprised that the blog looked like nothing had happened after the Wordpress update (from, if I'm not mistaken, 2.3). However, when I logged in and the usual database upgrade had finished successfully, too, I ended up with a "fatal error" caused by the file "dashboard.php":

Call to undefined function wp_register_sidebar_widget()

In other words, the "dashboard" didn't work anymore. I was still able, though, to go to other admin pages, e.g. edit.php, and browse from there to the plugins section (I'm sure I could have gone to plugins.php directly), where I disabled all plugins before going ahead with updating my K2 theme. It's great that K2 is documented so well: K2 Release Candidate 7 Released. Now, after I've installed and activated the new "k2-disable-widgets.php" plugin, I can access the dashboard again and everything looks fine.

On the admin side, that is. On the visitor side, my blog now has the standard K2 look, which together with the "widgets" I use looks rather confusing. I'll still need to put my own stylesheet into place again and see what has become of my arrangement of widgets in the three columns.

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A few days ago, I decided it was time again to wipe my hard disk and start from scratch once more. Somewhat bored with Ubuntu/Gnome (which I found great - but sometimes I just like trying something new), and made curious by what I had read about the new KDE (version 4.1), I went for Kubuntu. Liked it right away. However, after I had tried and failed to get wireless internet access to work, I was left without any internet access at all. After a few repair attempts I just installed Kubuntu again, this time going for the suggested Ubuntu plus Kubuntu install.

Installing KDE 4.1 was easy: you just need to invoke apt-get twice (install KDE 4, then dist-upgrade). KDE 4.1 isn't yet completely stable - but it's lovely! The only really bad thing which has happened to me so far was a text file (about 50 lines) whose content disappeared without a trace when I tried to save it (I ended up with an empty file). I guess that Kate is to blame; it had already acted funny in other ways before eating my file.

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