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Sun, 17 Aug 2008

Sticky notes: KNotes vs. Tomboy

While KNotes is better than nothing and its very simplicity is commendable, I find Tomboy incomparably better. You can format text, link from one note to another, link from a note to a directory or file, drag and drop e-mails into a note (OK, apparently this works only with Evolution, but still ...). Yes, I'm comparing apples with oranges here.

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PuTTY, Tripwire, remote calendars/GTD

PuTTY is a nice toy, too ... But I don't really see any advantage over SSH access from a shell.

In other developments, I've struggled using Tripwire. I really should remember running it with root privileges; but even so I've had results I can't really make head or tail of. I guess I haven't got the settings right yet but I don't feel like getting into this right now. Reading poverty-relief-related blogs seems more fun, but this, of course, isn't a subject for this blog here.

The Lightning calendar extension for Thunderbird is nice, but apparently if you want to use a remote calendar (so you can use it from different computers, e.g. at home and at the office) you need to use Sunbird instead. In order to use remote calendars, you need to install the mod_dav module for Apache on your remote server, which I tried but failed to do. Anyway, I think it would be enough for me either just to reactivate my Stikkit account or to give BinnyVA's Nexty a try.

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