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Sun, 31 Aug 2008

Finding out more about GPG

It's interesting how little information is available on the web on how to check downloads using a PGP/GPG signature. Everybody seems to know - but I don't. Didn't. Now I do. Quite often an .asc file is offered with the relevant download - but what are you supposed to do with it? Do this:

gpg --verify signature-file.asc downloaded-file

However, this will only work if your GPG already knows the public key of the person who signed the file. This public key needs to be imported. Where do you get it from? Well, from a key server ... Obviously you can look for the key yourself, using KGpg or whatever. It's more convenient, though, to have GPG download automatically the public keys it needs. Uncommenting a line in the GPG configuration file does the trick (this file is normally found in the directory home / [username] / .gnupg / and is named gpg.conf):

keyserver-options auto-key-retrieve

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Plone for work

I spent an outrageous amount of time these last few days installing and setting up Apache, MySQL, PHP, then WordPress and finally (after failing to get anywhere with Joomla) Plone on my local machine. Plone will probably be the platform for the revamped Ai De Newsletter website - I'm quite impressed how easy it is to give Plone exactly the look you want, and creating a nice layout with photos works like a breeze. I wonder what problems I'll run into once I start installing the system on our remote server. Below are some links to useful Plone-related websites:

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