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Mon, 22 Sep 2008

Now even safer!

Regarding my new online blog entry editor, I still had to do something about quotes (single and double), which got commented out so I ended up with ugly backslashes in my text and links wouldn't point at the proper URL. This was easy to solve with the PHP "str_replace(search, replace, subject)" function.

Then I also built in two basic security features: one makes sure I get an e-mail message whenever my editor page is used, the other asks for a password before displaying the form from which a user can post an entry.

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Posting Blosxom entries online, without FTP

I've started experimenting with PHP again. I used the "import" function to use one single file for the navigation on most of the pages on my website, and another single file for the links in the right column of some of my "old blog" pages. Now I've just finished a kind of simple blog entry editor, where you can enter a title and some text and select a category, which will then be saved as a text file in the correct directory on the server.

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