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Tue, 23 Sep 2008

A tiny portable wiki

Wiki in a Jar - it's fairly basic but easy to use and just a few dozen kB in size. Runs from a USB stick or whatever (e.g. Dropbox or Wuala), both in Windoze (comes with a .cmd script) and in Linux (.sh script included, too); you could actually just e-mail it to yourself, I guess. It isn't intended to (but can) be used over the internet: it's a personal note-taking device. Unfortunately it messes up special characters like the German umlaut letters ä, ö, ü.

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Webcam works in Kubuntu

It was extremely easy this time. I downloaded a driver from http://home.mag.cx/messenger/, extracted it and followed the instructions in the included README file (which says, basically, "Run the quickcam.sh script" - but for me this only worked when I ran it as root!), then kept pressing Return as prompted by the script. I get nice video from my Logitech "Quickcam Messenger" in XawTV and Ekiga (the VoIP application). The camera probably won't work after a reboot but that problem will be easy enough to solve with some script.

sudo modprobe quickcam

This may actually be enough.

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