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June 2017
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Sun, 04 Jan 2009

Ubuntu and Xubuntu on my Satellite

I'm very happy with both the standard Ubuntu (8.10/Intrepid Ibex) and the Xubuntu desktop on my ancient notebook. Xubuntu, which uses the Xfce desktop instead of Gnome, is supposed to use less resources; I'm not sure it makes much of a difference on my computer, which is just slow no matter what I run. I'm quite impressed with small Xfce things like the terminal emulator and the Thunar file manager, both of which start up in no time and work really well. I can even use my Dropbox with Thunar - I integrated it into Nautilus (which, like all the other stuff, works in Xfce too) but the Dropbox folder is displayed and synchronised in Thunar as well.

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