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Sat, 30 May 2009

Twitter toolbox

Backtweets searches for links on Twitter - nice when you seem to remember you found some website because someone tweeted it, but can't remember who that was. It works fine with link shortening services like TinyURL and bit.ly.

Microplaza searches one's Twitter network for links, filtering out all tweets without links.

Tweetscan can be used for e-mail alerts (similar to Google alerts) - e-mails which collect tweets containing certain keywords. Tweetbeep does basically the same.

Flapstor charts trends for keywords on Twitter in a simple diagram, which can also be embedded in a website.

Twitnest creates a visualisation of one's Twitter network.

Tweetdeck is a kind of browser specifically for Twitter. Filling the whole screen, it's supposed to help you organise your Twitter stuff - display conversations, tweet yourself, follow certain topics etc. Too bad it needs Adobe Air to run on Linux.

An article at MBA Jobs lists several other Twitter tools, among them Tweetstats, Plodt, Twitterfriends, Monitter and Qwitter (which sends an alert when someone doesn't follow you any longer). Another article at Mashable gives an introduction to hashtags, with links to several tools which are useful in this context.

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