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Sun, 11 Oct 2009

Uploading an OSM map to a Garmin GPS device

Software needed:

This is what I do:

  1. I go to openstreetmap.org and select the part of map I want, then click the "Export" tab and export the map data as "OpenStreetMap XML Data". The downloaded file is named "map.osm", which I change to "output.osm", the filename expected by GroundTruth in the next step. I put the file into the GroundTruth directory.
  2. I start the Windows equivalent of a shell ("Start" menu, "Run", enter "cmd") and change to the GroundTruth directory. Here I run "groundtruth makemap -rules='http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/GroundTruth_Hiking_Map'" - because what I want is a map more detailed than a road map. From the downloaded file, this creates several files in the "Maps" subdirectory. (In order to keep files which were produced earlier, it's good to rename this subdirectory to something else, then create a new subdirectory named "Maps".)
  3. I copy the file named "123456.img" from the "Maps" directory to a newly created subdirectory under "C:\Garmin", then start the MapSet ToolKit. Here I select the new subdirectory under "C:\Garmin" to "Source IMG files" ("Select IMG"), add the file to the "Selected IMG files" ("Add"), select the same directory as "Mapset directory", enter a "Mapset name" and a "Product Code" of my choosing. Make sure the path to the cGPSmapper folder is correct. I also tick "Install in MapSource" under "Options". Then I click "START".
  4. I start MapSource and select my new map (which has the name I gave it in the previous step) from the drop-down list in the upper left corner. I zoom out until I can see a boundary of the map, then click on it in order to mark the map ("Map" in the "Tools" menu needs to be ticked for this, or the "Map" icon clicked). The map appears in the "Maps" list in the left part of the window.
  5. I can now transfer the map to my GPS device, either by clicking the relevant symbol or by selecting "Send to device" from the "Transfer" menu. Since MapSource doesn't seem to recognise properly the memory card in my device, I put the card into a card reader connected to the computer. An existing "gmapsupp.img" file on the card will be overwritten, so it's probably best to copy it somewhere before transferring the new map onto the card.
  6. It's possible to use sendmap instead of MapSource to create a "gmapsupp.img" file and upload it to the device ("sendmap20 123456.img" on the command line). Sendmap will scan ports for a GPS device or memory card to upload the file to.

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