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Thu, 14 Aug 2008

SFTP and SSH access for my website

OK, I re-established secure access to the server of my website again. Had to create a new key pair (or did I really?) because I lost the local copy of my private key during my recent new install.

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That other (K)Ubuntu on my machine

I just realised that what I thought was Ubuntu (with Gnome) on the other partition of my HDD is in fact the Kubuntu (with KDE 3) whose wired internet connection I somehow shot down while trying to get a wireless connection to work. Apparently the Kubuntu installer, when I installed Kubuntu again, found the existing system, displayed it to me as "Ubuntu" (which isn't wrong, of course) and left it alone, repartitioning the hard disk 50/50 and installing Kubuntu again on one of the partitions.

Well. So I was able to recover some files which I thought I had lost during my second install. They don't matter anymore anyway. I'm keeping the Kubuntu without internet connection for the time being for no good reason - won't need the space on the other partition, and when I do I can still erase everything. Two partitions sized ca. 38 GB each instead of one big partition: no obvious advantages, no obvious disadvantages.

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