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Wed, 20 Aug 2008


BinnyVA has given us Nexty, a really, really good task manager (what is often called a "GTD" or "Getting Things Done" application). And you can't just download it free and install it on your own local or remote server, you can even sign up to it on the internet and use Nexty online, with Binny paying for your storage and bandwidth. I like Nexty a lot and find it extremely useful.

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Wuala open beta

Wuala is now in open beta, no longer in closed alpha, and it can be used without any installation, right from a web browser. When you click "Start" on http://wua.la, a Java applet will launch the thing. Obviously you still need to make sure that an up-to-date version of Java (JRE) is installed on your computer, and you have to enable both Java and JavaScript in your browser. The new Wuala can be used to share files with people who don't have a Wuala account of their own: all they need is a link and a password for any directory you have shared with them. That's a really nice feature.

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Backing up my MoinMoin wiki

With SSH access to the remote server, this works like a breeze. Using SSH, create tar.gz files (tar czf filename.tar.gz path/to/directory) of the following directories on the server, then download them and public_html/cgi-bin/moin.cgi using sftp://

share/moin/ (This, of course, contains share/moin/config/ and I guess it's optional - I'm erring on the side of "just get it all" ...)

Note that this doesn't include the configuration files of my webserver (Apache). It would probably better to back these up, too.

In order to restore the whole MoinMoin thing, it will suffice to upload these tar.gz files and moin.cgi to the server and put/expand them in the correct directories.

This is based on the "Backup" section of the MoinMoin HelpOnUpdating page.

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